Young couple looking for accommodation in the UK

England, United Kingdom
Young couple looking for accommodation in the UK

First of all, I express my deep gratitude to you for the help and support that you provide to the citizens of Ukraine!
I am 25 years old, my girlfriend is 26 years old, we are from Ukraine, now we are forced to flee our country, as our city is being shelled. The shell hit the neighboring apartment where I used to live. We are a kind and friendly couple, dreaming of living in a calm and safe place. I really want to find friends in this new world, since we are all alone.
Our knowledge of the language is not enough for a free dialogue, but we really want to learn English ideally, this will help us find a job in a new place.
Please tell me, could you become our sponsor under the program “House for Ukrainians”? To obtain a visa and further residence with you.
We are committed not to disturb the peace of your home.
We don’t smoke, we rarely drink. 🚭🚯
Our dream is to find a new home, ideally learn English, experience a new culture and find a job in England.
If you have any questions, ask, I will answer all😊

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