Woman, 26 y.o., no children and no pets, want to live in Bristol

Bristol, Bristol, England, United Kingdom
Woman, 26 y.o., no children and no pets, want to live in Bristol

My name is Oleksandra (26 years old). As you know russian aggressors invaded Ukraine, we have threats of the regular missile attacks all over the country and the unstable economic situation in the country and in my family, in particular. Because of this I have a great desire to go to the UK to live and to work here for a certain period of time. I would like to live in Bristol, because my family friends are here and they are willing to help me adapt to the new place, but unfortunately they cannot provide me with lodging, so I am writing here with the hope of finding a sponsor who has accommodation in Bristol and would be kind enough to house me for 6 months or longer.

More about me: I have no bad habits, I am neat, decent, kind, friendly, hardworking. I am psychologist by education, but for the last three years I have been working in the sales department of a staffing company. I am fond of theater and acting. I play in amateur theater in Ukraine. My English is at an intermediate level, but I have a great desire to improve my skills.

I believe that there are people who will agree to accommodate me and I hope to find them here.🙏

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