We’ll be glad if kind people from the UK respond and contact us

We’ll be glad if kind people from the UK respond and contact us

Hello to the UK from Ukraine. My name is Stanislav (I’m 31 y.o.) and this is the story of my family. My lovely wife’s name is Tatyana (31 y.o.) and we’re the parents of a very brave girl named Kira (almost 7 y.o.). A few years ago she has done something incredible – she defeated cancer. We’re so proud of her! Now we’re in remission for the 4th year. Until February 24, 2022, we had a quiet peaceful life, plans, and dreams. My wife and I worked very hard, Kira was getting ready for her first grade at school, playing with friends, and having fun, but everything has changed since February 24. We live for the sake of our child, we always try to give her the best, but not the bomb shelters and fear, because there was already fear and pain due to the illness in her life. And now it’s time for us to protect her again. We helped our strong country and our brave Armed Forces as best as we could from the very first day of the war. After much deliberation, we made the decision to leave our home. This decision wasn’t easy for us. We want to find kind people who would like to become our sponsors and accept us into their family. We don’t really need much and we’d like to live somewhere not far from the school. We want to give Kira a future, we want to work hard and help our beautiful country, but, foremost, we want to give our daughter peace.

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