We want to escape the war

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We want to escape the war We want to escape the war

Good day. They hesitated for a long time, but when for the second time this month on April 24 nine missiles were dropped on the city infrastructure of our city of Kremenchuk (center of Ukraine), I decided to seek temporary shelter abroad. My name is Anna, I am 39 years old and I have been working as a teacher at school all my life. My mother is 66 years old, she is retired, she used to work as a nurse. Also we can’t leave our dachshund dog here. He needs to walk outside often after a spinal injury, so it would be great if we found a family with a park or garden nearby.
I speak a little English, now I am improving my knowledge
My mother has arthritis (sick joints), but she moves on her own. Also, my mother does not have a foreign passport, but it is in the process of registration. I will be able to answer all your additional questions in private. Thank you to everyone who opened their hearts and the doors of their homes to complete strangers.
We hope that the war will end soon and we will invite you to visit us in Ukraine in our house.❤️

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