We want to escape the war

any city
We want to escape the war We want to escape the war

Good day. I want to thank all those who in such times opened the hearts and doors of their homes to complete strangers. I hesitated for a long time and in our city (Kremenchuk) in the city center it was relatively calm for a long time, but after the second bombardment of our city with nine missiles on the city infrastructure, they made me think about temporary shelter abroad.
A little about us:
1) My name is Anna, 39 years old, a school teacher.
2) my mother, a 66-year-old pensioner, used to work as a nurse.
We also have a dachshund dog, which we cannot leave alone.
We are decent and educated people without bad habits. I speak a little English, I hope to master it quickly.

The UK is attractive because there is a very well-organized sponsorship program House for Ukrainians. My mother does not have a foreign passport, but it is in the process of registration. We are urban residents, it is desirable to find shelter in the city or near the city.

Sorry, but we will not be able to accept the offer to live in the house of a single gentleman. Additional questions can be answered in private correspondence.
We hope that the war will end soon and we will invite you to visit us in Ukraine in our house.❤️
my mail holodnyakanna@gmail.com

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