We are two adults and 3 children (9,8,5 yo)

United Kingdom
We are two adults and 3 children (9,8,5 yo) We are two adults and 3 children (9,8,5 yo)

I am Jenya (34 y o), i am mum of 3 kids, 9 y o, 7 y o and 5 y o and my husband Jenya(39 y o), he is seaman, now he is working in the sea.

We are looking for a sponsor in Uk

This terrible war forced us to leave our hometown, our lovely Odessa, Ukraine. It was intolerable for me to see how my children are in horror each time when sirens went off.

I worked in Ukrainian company as a international purchasing manager, I loved my job as well as I’m happy to be a Mother. Therefore I’d love to give a chance to my children at least to grown up for a while in calm area.

My two sons dream to be seamen like their father and grandfather, my daughter wants to be a dentist). We are active, sporty and friendly.

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