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United Kingdom

Hello. We are from Ukraine and we are looking for sponsor from United Kingdom.
Our names are Vitalii (20 y.o.), Daria (26 y.o.) and Illia (20 y.o.)
Now we are in an occupied city and we do not have the opportunity to leave to Ukraine, since fighting is going on throughout the occupied territory. We live in Melitopol.
It is so dangerous to stay here, because Russian soldiers are going to mobilize us for a war against our Ukrainian soldiers. They also steal our people in our city because Ukrainian people at occupied territories do not respect Russian position and do not want to have war in our country.
We have only one way how to leave occupied territory – it’s from Georgia.
We have money for first time. We can work at any job. We want to help you at you accommodation if you need it.
Our parents can’t leave Melitopol, so we want to help them from the UK. We want to find a job and send them money. We have bad situation in our city. Russian soldiers do not let through the humanitarian aid that our mayor sends us from the city of Zaporozhye. People are trying to bring food from the Crimea, but the prices in the markets are very high. That’s why we want to help our parents by sending the money we will earn in the UK.
We will be thankful and happy if you help us.
Best regards.

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