We are a big Ukrainian family of 7

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom

Dear all,

We would like to thank British people for their kindness and compassion. Thank you for standing with Ukrainians. We believe in our victory.

We are a big Ukrainian family of 7 from a small town Severinovka near Kyiv. From the first days of the war our town was occupied by Russian soldiers, we had to leave our home immediately. Now our village is partly destroyed by Russians, and we hope our home is still there 😊. Currently we are in a temporally accommodation in Poland, but we want to move to the UK, as Krakow is overwhelmed by Ukrainian refugees which make impossible to find a job and a place to stay, hence we are looking for a sponsor in the UK.

We have 3 kids, two daughters Dominika is 15, Zlata is 7 and our son Elizar is 12. Elizar suffers from infantile cerebral paralysis, and I am his full-time carer. My husband Yaroslav is a kitchen furniture designer and has a lot of experience in cabinet furniture assembling. He is planning to get an employment in the UK to support our family. We are hoping to find an inclusive education school for our son Elizar, so I’m also planning to get a job. Also, my mum Svetlana 68 and my husband’s mum Valentina 62 are traveling with us.

We are looking for accommodation not far from schools and local amenities.
About us: we are hardworking loving family and would be honored to help our host in domestic chores. Thank you very much. God bless.

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