Two best friends are searching for a sponsor in UK

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom
Two best friends are searching for a sponsor in UK

Hello everyone!
My name is Lidiya and i am very grateful for those people who support Ukraine in the hardest times.
According to this terrifying situation, my friend Lora (21 y.o) and i (22 y.o) we are looking for a sponsor who could help us with housing.
We are responsible, do not make noise and will not interfere. We don’t have any bad habits, Lora continues to study online.
All we need is accommodation and help to get to the UK. We will cover all expenses.
we can live in the same room, if in two different ones it will be great, but this is not at all necessary.
The only thing is that we would really like to be in a big city (Not necessarily in London, but we would love to) where both of us could find job, because we do not want to bother you for a long time and will try to find separate housing as soon as possible.
And it’s really important for us to live together if you can give us this opportunity.

We’re not looking for relationship, so please, don’t ask about it. We’re looking fore a family or married couple, so everyone can be save!

We will be very grateful for your help!
You can contact me any time on with Facebook messenger, instagram ( @rokka6672 ) or WhatsApp (i’ll give you my number if you dm me).
Thank you so much for your attention!
Have a good day❤️

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