Two adults. We want to live in any big city in the UK.

England, United Kingdom

Hello, our future friend.
My best friend and I are looking for a temporary home in the UK. Now we are in Kyiv, but because of the war, we do not feel safe in our homes anymore.
A little about us: my friend’s name and my name are the same – Vika, we are 27 years old. We are marketing managers by education, and Leo according to the horoscope. Now we are looking for a job in our field in England and we will be happy to have some help in this search. If there is a digital, a creative or an advertising agency in your city that would be perfect. Also, we do not have to travel too far for going to work.
As for personal qualities, we are both sociable and fun. We like discover new places, read interesting books and take care of fluffy pets. In everyday life, we complement each other. I love to cook delicious food, and my friend likes to clean. We are looking for a sponsor and friend who will introduce the Britain culture to us and help us survive this difficult war period. In turn, we promise to introduce our new friend to Kyiv after the victory of Ukraine in the war.

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