Two adults want to live near London

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom
Two adults want to live near London

Good afternoon !
We are young family from Ukraine: Viktoria (22 years old) and Serhii (28 years old). At the moment we are living in the Sumy region (it is a city which located near the Russian border), that’s why every day our city is shelled from heavy artillery, likewise Russian planes also flies into our region and drops bombs. We had opportunity to leave Ukraine from the beginning of the war, but we hoped that the war will end in a few days. The first three months of the war we used to be a volunteers and helped everyone who needed support, however now we ourselves need help. Unfortunately, the situation in our region is not improving and within 5 months our mental condition on the lowest level. Every day we have air raids and every time we don’t know what to expect… We are young and purposeful couple, who want to develop. We really want to work and learn English. By the way, at the moment our English skills is not on a high level, but we have a great desire to learn your language as quick as it possible! I am Victoria – I am finishing my studies at the Pedagogical University, I am an experienced babysitter, who loves children very much, and Serhii is a lawyer . We can say about ourselves that we are very friendly, sociable and simple guys, we don’t have bad habits. We go in sport on a regular basis and love outdoor activities. There will be no problems with us, because we plan to go to English courses, go for a work and we are committed to keep the apartment in clean conditions !
But we have the only small wish for the future sponsor.It will be really suitable, when the apartments is located in the urban arena, due to that it will be easier to find a job for ourselves or go to work in another city without any problems, for example, by bus or train!
We will be very pleased to become friends with our sponsor and thank you for your prompt help😊
Of course we will consider any suggestions. You can write in private messages, I’m always online!

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