two adults and a child would like to live near a big city

United Kingdom
two adults and a child would like to live near a big city

Hello, we are a family from Ukraine. My name is Tatyana, I’m 42, my husband Vitaly is 39 years old. Daughter Victoria 10 years old. I am a housewife, because there was no opportunity to work. Since the birth of my daughter, I have been doing it exclusively. She has congenital bilateral sensorineural deafness. She is a hearing disabled child. When she was two years old, she underwent cochlear surgery on one ear. It was a very long recovery. We did a lot of work with teachers and at home. So that our girl can fully speak. Now she is fully attending a comprehensive school. I attended a dance club. He has many awards from festivals. (Due to the threat of missile attacks, the dance school was closed) He studies English. Six months ago, we performed the same operation on the other ear. Now, too, rehabilitation is taking place, but already easier. So she hears and understands everything. Studying well. We would really like to find a sponsor in the UK, our family is very calm, my husband is an electrical engineer, a jack of all trades. And of course we want to find a job there. We will not be a burden to you.
We will be grateful if you can provide us with temporary accommodation))) perhaps there is a family with the same problem in a child. I’ll be glad to help in any way I can. Since the experience is great

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