The woman with two daughters who want to live in a city(Bradford -on-Avon, Bath, Wiltshire)

Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom
The woman with two daughters who want to live in a city(Bradford -on-Avon, Bath, Wiltshire)

My name is Svetlana, I am an English teacher (starting level lately). A few years ago, I worked in a pair with a volunteer from the United States, who worked at our school in Ukraine and we taught English together, each of us was responsible for different parts of the lesson. I really liked this collaboration.
I am 41 , I have two daughters: the eldest, Yulia,who will be 16 in June and younger daughter Valentyna, who was 10 on February 23, it was the last day of peace in our country, because the next morning we were told that the war had begun. My husband is a policeman, he protects our country from the aggressor, so he can’t be around, we see each other very rarely, constantly in anxiety and fear of danger, frequent air alarms keep me and the children in constant tension.
Due to the constant stress of the war in Ukraine, my children and I are looking for a sponsor in the UK. The eldest daughter is graduating from the first year of medical college, she would like to have the opportunity to continue her studies at a college in Britain in her specialty “paramedic”, to further enter the university. She studies very well in Ukraine, receives a scholarship, participates in competitions.
Two years ago she took part in the program of cultural exchange of future leaders “ FLEX”, passed to the second round, the obstacle on the way to victory was a sharp deterioration of health, which did not allow to reach the finals. She speaks English well, but sometimes worries about the language barrier, so she wants to improve her knowledge to feel confident.
The youngest daughter draws very well, loves to learn new techniques in drawing and use new tools, learned to draw with a small group of children in a special group. She had to finish her last drawing at home, it was a landscape “Spring”. The child wants to see spring as usual beautiful, flowery, but we are still not happy and it does not depend on us and we can not overcome it. Then she paints the existing reality at home, about the war. She will be very happy if she will be able to continue her drawing studies, improve her skills and the skills of English, which she studied at a specialized school for four years, starting from the first grade, and now forced to finish distance learning in Ukraine. I also want to practice my English, raise it to a higher level, because lately I’ve been working with younger children and I’m worried about not forgetting the vocabulary of high school.
We would like to live in a city because I want to find a job and we need school and college for my daughters and I can’t drive a car. It would be best if we could get there by foot.
I will be very grateful for your help.
My phone number for WhatsApp : +380973587843

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