Single 22 y.o. person wanting to live in a quiet urban/suburban area

Cardiff, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
Single 22 y.o. person wanting to live in a quiet urban/suburban area

Hi! I’m a 22 y.o. non-binary person from Ukraine looking for a friendly sponsor under the HfU scheme. I’m quiet, rather a night owl, like watching movies, playing the guitar, going on walks, and exploring new places; I love pets; I’m fully vaccinated; I can speak conversational English.
I don’t smoke and would prefer if my host didn’t smoke indoors.
I don’t drive so it’d be nice if everything important (like pharmacies, grocery stores, transport stations) was within walking distance.

It’d be great to live in a medium to large city, especially if there are universities, good public transport links and well-developed queer community; though suburban area can be nice too, I could use some peace and quiet 🙂 Currently I’m looking into relocating to Wales (especially cities like Cardiff, Newport, Bristol) because I’m fascinated with the natural beauty of the area, but I’m open to any suggestions.

I think my main goals for the initial period in the UK will be improving my language skills, building some connections, getting to know the culture, trying out new work experiences and maybe pursuing undergraduate education. I’d greatly appreciate if my host could help me with any of those 🙂
It’s widely suggested to have a video call with potential sponsors/sponsees at first and I’d be up for that since I do think getting to know each other is essential for having a good and long lasting match. Cheers!

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