One Kristina, who wants to be in a safe place

Eastbourne, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom
One Kristina, who wants to be in a safe place

Hi, I’m Kristina and for 100+ days I have been constantly happy that I am alone – without children, without a husband. I was in Ukraine when the war started and I am still here. I live in Lviv (West Ukraine), so I felt that I had no right to leave my country and take place of someone who needed to be saved more than me. I was volunteer, tried to work as hard as I could … but I don’t feel safe. My home not my safe place anymore. I’m constantly waiting for something bad happen. I’m tired of this stress for 24 hours! I hope Homes for Ukraine will help me. Why? Because I will not be alone! Because there are people (maybe it’s you, who’s reading it right now) who wants to help me – it’s encouraging! A few words about me. My greatest passion is traveling, especially in good company to places I have never been before. When you explore something new (new city, people, culture) it’s a good chance to learn or understand something about yourself as well. My other big passion is music. First song in my life that I remember was TOTO “Africa”, second – Britney Spears “baby one more time”…. yeah life is very unpredictable sometimes. Last book I have read – Maye Musk “A Woman Makes a Plan”. And to be honest, I’m a big fan of her gray hair and how brave she is. I have a degree in journalism, but I have worked as a TV director for more than 10 years. For the last few years have been working on video content production as a freelancer. It would be great to live in a city or suburb near a public transport stop, it’ll give me more opportunities to socialize and find a job. I will try to make my stay as botherless as possible. I believe that this sponsorship can be the beginning of an interesting adventure and a new friendship.

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