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Scotland, United Kingdom
One adult

My name is Oksana. I am 49 years old. I was born and lived all my life in Mariupol.

I have a medical degree and a specialization in psychology.

I divorced. I have a daughter, she is 29 years old, she is a doctor. Unfortunately, we are not together, she works in Ukraine.

My apartment and my city are destroyed. For 14 days I hid in the basement to escape shelling. On March 18, I managed to get out of Mariupol.

It so happened that I ended up in Germany. I was very lucky, for 2 months I was sheltered by wonderful people. Restored my faith in goodness and light.
Unfortunately, I can no longer stay here. There is no social housing left in the city. I’m legally not allowed to change cities.

I have to seek asylum in another country. I don’t know where my house is again.

My desires are very simple. A small, calm city, friendly people, the opportunity to be alone, cook food, drink coffee in the morning silence, sleep.

My goal is to learn to live again. I know that I can work, be useful. I can and love to learn. But the most important thing is to regain self-esteem and not experience humiliation.

I lead a quiet life. For the last few years I have been working online. I love reading, knitting and sewing, walking.

I have a dream. See and hear the sea, come to it, draw strength from it. In Mariupol I had a sea…

When I’m close to despair, I think that if I’m still alive, then it makes some sense. No matter what, I believe in good people. I hope that somewhere in the world there is a place for me.

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