One adult woman, a citizen of Ukraine from the city of Kyiv.

Southampton, Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Greetings citizens of the UK!
My name is Valentina.
I am a citizen of Ukraine, from the city of Kyiv.

I am looking for a sponsor to get asylum in the UK for up to one year.

Why UK?
Six months ago, I invested in my Business Intelligence (BI) training.
My study plan includes an English course up to B2 level.
I need English to finish my studies.

I can’t now live, work and study in my home country of Ukraine
due to constant shelling.

I will not be able to continue my studies in another country because I have to learn the language of the country that will give asylum.
It will be very difficult for me to learn two languages ​​at the same time, as well as study professional Business Intelligence (BI) courses and possibly work.
I’ll have to stop studying 😔

If you have the desire and ability to provide housing and the necessary minimum funds for the modest livelihood of one person from Ukraine for up to one year, I ask you to do this for me.

After completing the course, I will be able to work.
Over time, I will try to compensate you for the money spent on me.

I have an international passport.
I am not married, no children.
Lead a healthy lifestyle.
Until 02/24/2022, I worked in a children’s amusement park as an administrative director.

Thank you for reading my submission.

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