One adult+ one child

London, Birminghem, Leicester, Swansea
One adult+ one child One adult+ one child

Hi to everyone! My little daughter and I are looking for shelter in the UK. I am 38 years old, daughters 3,5. Now we are in Odessa, Ukraine. But most likely we will have to go to Europe, because they also started shooting here. Both have passports. My level in English is intermediate and I want to improve it. Both are healthy, without bad habits, vegetarians. No smoking, no drinking alcohol. I love sport, walking, nature, people. Doing spiritual practice. Before the pandemic, I traveled a lot in Asia. I would like to live closer to the city so that I can find a job. I will also be happy to help around the house. I love cleanliness and order. The child is a little afraid of dogs. In any case, strangers (dogs) 😏. Thank you very much to all the caring people 🙏.

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