Mother(29) and son(7) really want to escape

Mother(29) and son(7) really want to escape

Hello, my dear future friend)
Firstly I want to say THANK YOU!!!!
You are amazing people, because you want to help Ukraine ❤

We are a very happy family, loving father, happy mother and wonderful son)) I think our life was absolutely great …before the war started… For us it started in 2014. We lived in Donbass and we had to escape, I was pregnant when it started, we had a big beautiful house, a car, a country house, good work and we were waiting for our baby son…but we lost everything except of our son , thanks God.
We moved to Kiev, without any money(((
But we built our life one more time, for us , for our son. And in February WAR started in Kiev… my heart is broken… I have to leave my husband and to save my son.
The situation is awful…we have no money to go somewhere because recently we spent all our money on new flat and it was bombed we stayed in the basement for several weeks and now I cant stand this any more!!!
Unfortunately I can’t pay for your room or flat ….sorry
I really need your help with work. I speak English fluently
It’s very shame for me to say this but we even don’t have enough money for food…
I am really ready to work hard!
+380950503585 you can contact me in viber, telegram or what’s up you can also write on my email

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