Mom and son 11 years. Positive, decent family

Great Britain
Mom and son 11 years. Positive, decent family

My name is Yuliia (39), my son Yaroslav (11). We are from Ukraine. The damned war ruined the whole life of our happy family. My son has not seen his father for 2.5 months.
We are looking for caring people in the UK who can take us temporarily into their home and become our sponsor. We will be grateful to these people all our lives!
I have a higher economic education. Recently I had my own small business in the field of trade. I hope to be able to find a job soon enough to provide for myself and my son. My spoken English, I hope, will be a big plus when it comes to employment. The son speaks the language at the household level. Therefore, there should be no problems in communicating with us. We are a positive, responsible, honest and decent family. We will always respect the rules of your home and will not be a burden to you. We will try to bring only positive emotions into your home. I have no bad habits. My son is educated, kind and positive. We love animals very much, but we don’t have them with us.
We will be happy to live in any part of the country where there is a school, work and access to transport. We love to find interesting places on the Internet and visit them. In addition, I love to cook and I really hope to treat you to Ukrainian delicacies.
We hope to find a friendly family that will help us in a difficult situation.

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