Mom and daughter are looking for housing near big cities

Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, York, Oxford, Brighton, Leeds

Good day. My name is Iryna Kozakevych. I’m 44. My daughter Sofiia (she’s 12), husband and I lived in Kyiv until February 25, 2022. On the second day after the beginning of the Russian aggression in Ukraine, we were forced to leave our home and go to the Zakarpattya area (Mukachevo city). We left our home, like most Ukrainians, with two small backpacks, because we did not believe in the end that this could happen and hoped to return in a week. But … unfortunately, we still haven’t returned to our house.
In Mukachevo we lived with relatives and in a rented apartment. On April 13, 22, my daughter and I went to Bulgaria (Sunny Beach) as part of the children’s dance group “Flowers of Ukraine”, in which my daughter was engaged before the war. We are still in Bulgaria. During this time, we have issued temporary protection in accordance with the program of the Bulgarian authorities.
The program of the Bulgarian government, aimed at supporting Ukrainians hiding from the war, ends on 31.05.22. According to this program, Ukrainians could stay in hotels on the coast for free. From 01.06.22 there will be no such opportunity, but my daughter and I decided to stay in the hotel until the end of June on preferential terms (at a low rate). Also in Bulgaria, unfortunately, it is difficult to find a job if you have a child. In this case, employers generally do not provide housing. We are very grateful to the Government of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian people for their hospitality, sincere help and kindness. During our stay here, the seemed of the air alarm stopped ringing.
But we want to move on. Please do not consider my wish to be excessive whimsy or impudence. I know that there are families who are in more difficulty and have suffered much more. But I am a mother who strives to provide her child with a sense of security and the opportunity to develop. In addition, language education and language adaptation are fundamentally important to me. My daughter studies English at a Ukrainian school and studies with a tutor.
For these reasons, I decided to take part in a British sponsorship program.
I like to read, I am engaged in self-education in the field of SMM (Social Media Marketing), I study English, I want taking photography. In the light of the tragic events in Ukraine, I strive to help Ukrainians who find themselves in a difficult situation. I am determined to improve my English and work in Britain.
In peacetime, my daughter has been involved in Ukrainian folk dances since she was 3 years old. She actively performed as part of the dance ensemble “Flowers of Ukraine”, is a winner of numerous competitions. She has also been swimming for the last 7 years. Has very good results. She also took part in numerous competitions. At the age of 11 she already had the 3rd adult category. She has been studying English and studied German at school for 1.5 years. Very decent and polite, has many friends, loves animals.
My daughter and I are very tidy, we always try to maintain order and keep the apartment clean. We respect the traditions and rules of the owners, appreciate good attitude and reciprocate.
We will be very grateful to those people who agree to become our sponsors and provide us with shelter.
If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them. I can also send you our photo.
Sincerely, Iryna Kozakevych.

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