Me and my two children

Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
Me and my two children

Me and my children are neat and decent. love drawing, my daughter too. She is 11 years old. She attended art school. She also went to school as an excellent, diligent and calm girl. Since we escaped from the occupied city and passed 19 Russian blocs of posts, my children are very scared. Constant explosions and constant air alarm…

I also like to bake pies and cook. I like to take pictures of landscapes, nature, hiking. We love the sea … I grew up near the sea and my children too …. My son is a karate player – he is 9 years old, he has repeatedly received the title of champion of Ukraine in karate in his age category. Karate was everything for him – he lived there.

And now we’ve lost everything…

I am very grateful and ask for help for me with the kids 🙏🏻

A school nearby and a karate sports section for my son are very important.

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