London and surrounding areas

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom
London and surrounding areas

Hello everyone!
My name is Tanya. My family and I fled Ukraine. This is the second war that we have fled from, the first one was in 2014 when my hometown of Donetsk got taken over and now in 2022 we find ourselves once again in the same situation.
We are a wonderful family of 4, we have two children (boys aged 10 and 7), well mannered, polite and speak in English.
We are looking for somewhere to stay whilst we get back on our feet, somewhere near a school for the boys would be preferable but if not we are able to drive.
We do not need sponsor to enter the UK, already have a visa, all we need is a roof over our heads so we can begin re-building our lives. We are professional adults and already have interviews organised in and around the London area.
I would be grateful eternally if we can have a roof over heads.
Please get in touch with me either here or on my email at or my Ukrainian number +380951877561.

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