I am looking for a sponsor to participate in the "Home for Ukraine" program of my family

London, Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford
I am looking for a sponsor to participate in the "Home for Ukraine" program of my family

There is no specific desire in which city to live in the UK, Wales or Scotland. But I have no experience of living in a village.
I am Iryna from Ukraine. I am 40 years old. February 24, 2022 divided my life into “before” and “after”. Started of war in the my Ukraine.
I have a husband – Kostya 41 years old. We are tugether 8 years. Unfortunately, we no have a children. Why? I don’t know.
Before the war in our country we was a cheerfuls, purposefuls persons who loves life, communication, travel. I had psychological practice in my town for 11 years. For the last 4 years up to war I has been helped my husband Konstantin in his business. The war took everything from us. Due to a congenital heart defect, I was the initiator of going to Poland with my husband for my own safety, in particular psychological security. Because my heart could not stand the sounds of sirens, news about the bombing of Ukrainian cities, the death of people from the weapons of the russian occupiers. My husband is also disabled due to a general illness. This gave him the right to leave Ukraine during the war. Despite our disability, the two of us led an active professional life before the war. Everything we had before the war, we achieved ourselves with God’s help. We plan to find our favorite thing business in England. We are currently volunteerings in Poland.
We no have childrens, that’s why we see ourselves in Great Britain in only two. I can’t see my life without my husband. Today I speak English a little bit, but I spoke English well at school, so I quickly willmention the English language.
No smoking, no have allergic. I good cooking a national Ukrainian dishes.
We need informational assistance to adapt in Great Britain, so we are looking for a sponsor to participate in the “Homes for Ukraine” program. This will give us the opportunity to adapt in England, good learn a language, find a good job. Living with you, I can become a friend for you and your children, as I have worked with children as a psychologist.
See you, my English friend!

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