Hello, I'm Irina and my son Misha and I want to live near Harlow

Harlow Mill (Beefeater), Cambridge Rd, Harlow, England CM20 2EP, United Kingdom
Hello, I'm Irina and my son Misha and I want to live near Harlow

Hello, I’m Irina, I’m 28 years old, together with my son Mishka (child 2 years old), we are looking for a sponsor in Britain who could accept us because of the difficult situation in Ukraine.

We are calm and friendly, we love animals. At home we have a dog Fred, my son loves him very much. I am a marketing specialist, worked with social networks and advertising. I am a sociable and understanding person. I love movies and music, chocolate and coffee! I like to read about art) My son really likes to play ball and draw, he is a very active and curious boy. My English is at the elementary level, now I’m trying to improve my level!

We considered staying in the suburbs or the city as we are very mobile. Any help would be welcome and thanks in advance.

my 38-year-old sister is also looking for asylum with two children: a 4-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl. if you could accept us or you know people who could accept us together or separately with my sister, I will be very grateful for your help.

my number is +380984297845. i have watsap and telegram. my mail is irina.yv26yv@gmail.com

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