Family of three people needs accommodation and is looking for a sponsor in England

South and Center of England, close to major city
Family of three people needs accommodation and is looking for a sponsor in England Family of three people needs accommodation and is looking for a sponsor in England

Hi, I’m Nastya and I have a friendy little family of 3 people from Donetsk, Ukraine.
We are very grateful to your country for such great hearts!
We lost our Home, peace, family, friends and work because of the war since 2014 and aggression repeated in February 24. We lived in many places, starting our life again and again. But now there are no safer place in our country.

My family:
Vitaly, daddy, 47 years old, is a factory worker, so he knows how to make and repair various things. He is fond of cars and knows how to fix them. He is a very skilled person, friendly, sociable and cheerful!
Lyudmila, mommy, 47 years old- housewife. A very open and easy-to-communicate person. A very responsible and kind woman. Likes to do household chores, cook, clean.
Nastya, it’s me, 16 years old. I’m a high school student. I am fond of learning foreign languages and even work as an English tutor, because my level of language proficiency is B2 and I really love teaching. In addition, I started learning German, now my level is A1, but I am striving for the best and I hope that I will improve my knowledge of German soon. I love watching movies and TV series in the original. I follow the life of celebrities and someday I dream of becoming one) I also actively follow new trends in clothing and cosmetics. I love fashion shows, photo shoots and modeling. I have a lot of photos from photo projects. In addition, I know how to do various make-up and take care of myself. As a child, I attended art school, so I love and know how to draw beautifully. I also love cooking, looking for new recipes and baking cakes. Crazy about cleaning the house. Sport is one of my favorite hobbies, I like to go out for a run and work out in the gym. I am a very sociable girl, I like to find new friends, I hope that in a new place I will be able to make friends with everyone. I dream of finding a job in a new place. Also I have a boyfriend who, together with his family, is looking for a better life in the UK too (his photos are attached above).

We need a kind sponsor, who will provide for us flat or house. The house with 2 separate rooms, kitchen, bathroom would be the greatest variant for us. A great need is the presence of a school and university.
We are very grateful to your country and we hope that the war will end soon!

With regards,
Gorban’s Family

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