family, dad and daughter are looking for a home in the UK

Birmingham, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom

Hello everyone, my name is Masha and my father is Sasha and we are looking for a sponsor from the UK. I am 14 I am a creative person, I like to draw and sing. Sasha is 50 and loves to drive. We are looking for a sponsor from the UK. Now we are in Germany with a friend, but we will not be able to live here forever. We cannot return home, my city is destroyed every day by Russian troops, most of the city is destroyed and, alas, my house was also damaged.

On the first day of the war, my father woke me up with the words that the war had begun. I quickly turned on and began to collect things that came across my arm. I remember how I sat listening to the explosions and watching the rockets rush past my head. Then we withdrew money and poured gasoline, we waited a very long time because there were huge queues. But still, we left the city and lived with our friend from a neighboring city for some time.

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