Double room for mum and child

Brackley, Northamptonshire, England, United Kingdom
Double room for mum and child Double room for mum and child Double room for mum and child

I have a double room to offer. There is currently a double bed but can be swapped for two single. We are a family of four. Myself (38), my partner glenn (37), Maisie (4) and Diana (nearly 2). I am an antenatal and baby class teacher (The Daisy Foundation: Banbury, Deddington & Surrounding areas) and former science teacher. Would be ideal for a mum and child under 5 as the children would be of similar ages but open to anyone who needs. We live in a town called brackley which has good transport links to surrounding towns, there is even a bus to Milton Keynes. There is a local company offering work. Please comment or message if you need help.

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