Daria, 18 years old looking for accommodation in London, SW

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum, The All England Lawn Tennis Club, London, England SW19 5AG, United Kingdom
Daria, 18 years old looking for accommodation in London, SW

I am looking for an accommodation sponsor for Daria.

Daria is turning 18 in June. She is travelling with her mother and two little brothers but she will be staying on her own. I have sponsored her family but do not have enough room to accommodate Daria.

Please come forward if you could accommodate Daria. Preferred locations are Wimbledon, Southfields or anywhere in Merton or Wandsworth.

About Daria.

Since the age of 10 she was very interested in IT technology and now studying computer science at LUTE (Lviv university trade and economy).
She plays volleyball and loves online computer games.
Very communicative and friendly person.

He father stays in Ukraine, defending the country. Mum and two little brothers will be travelling to the UK soon. They received UK visas under Homes for Ukraine sponsorship scheme.

Thank you for your support! 💙💛

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