A mom with 10 y.o son looking for a sponsor family

England, United Kingdom
A mom with 10 y.o son looking for a sponsor family A mom with 10 y.o son looking for a sponsor family

Hello! My name is Tetiana and I’m from Ukraine. I’m so grateful to the British people for their support and help.
My son and I are looking for a sponsor family in England due to the war conditions. As far as the situation is getting more and more dangerous because of the threat of attack from Belarus we’re in a desperate situation.
I hope to find a family or a woman (not single man) to give my son and me a shelter. My husband and 21 y.o daughter will stay in Ukraine.
Some information about us: I’m 46 and my son Matvii is 10. I’m a teacher of English at a lyceum and ‘ve been working there for 25 years. Also I’m a handmade jewelry designer. Matvii has finished the fifth grade of our local secondary school and also he studies at musical school and plays the piano. He is calm, obedient and friendly. When he was 2 y.o. he had encephalitis but luckily he is ok now and doesn’t need any special medical treatment, just to avoid stress and physical tension. We’re both sociable, loyal and reliable, without any harmful habits like smoking and don’t use alcohol at all.
My level of English is upper-intermediate and my son’s is basic. I’m COVID vaccinated and 19.07 going to get the 4-th dose. We don’t have special needs just a place to sleep, cook and a bathroom. Hope to find a sponsor from a city or a small town with a school nearby and a location with the possibility to get a job.
By the way I’ve got a TKT Cambridge certificate Module 1 (Band 3) but eager to do any work including help to my host about the house or in the garden as I live in a private house I know how to look after flowers or other plants. We’ll be happy if our host has got pets like dogs or cats, we’re not allegic to them.
Hope to your responce.
Best regards.
P.S. I’ve got a valid Ukrainian driving license and would love to do some volunteering or charity work especially helping with animals in the shelters if you have any.

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