Father and child (daughter) 9 years

Brighton, Brighton and Hove, England, United Kingdom
Father and child (daughter) 9 years Father and child (daughter) 9 years

My name is Serhii. I’m 43 years old. I am a father and I am raising my daughter myself, she is 9 years old. For her sake us had to leave Ukraine from our hometown Kharkiv due to constant shelling of the city and danger. My daughter studied there in the 3rd grade of school. My activity is a marketer, programmer. We are looking for an opportunity to come to England. Meet and will be friends. Preferably without bad habits. It can be a full-fledged family, children under 10, my daughter like animals – cats, dogs. For the first time need a room where I could work remotely and my daughter could do her homework and study. Or a guest house. Or hotel type. We look forward to meeting you.

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