Ищу спонсора для семьи 4 человека

Любой город , большой или маленький
Ищу спонсора для семьи 4 человека

Good afternoon, my name is Irina. I moved with my family from Kiev after the war and am looking for temporary accommodation in the UK 🇬🇧 In any city.
There are 4 of us.
I’m a journalist, mum is a teacher, kids are son 10 and daughter 13.
Interested in getting to know the country and people better, learning the language. We would like to communicate more with people here and have access to an active life.
We are neat in everyday life and we will try not to burden you.
With respect and love!
Peace and health!!!
I will send you a picture of us in a private message.
I speak a little English. I hope I managed to translate it correctly. Email me 🙏❤️

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