Family of 4 (dad, mom, son, daughter) Need help.

England, United Kingdom
Family of 4 (dad, mom, son, daughter) Need help. Family of 4 (dad, mom, son, daughter) Need help.

We are a family from Eastern Ukraine, Donetsk region. Our village is called Velikaya Novoselka, a Greek settlement with many rivers, clean air and positive people. We had to leave home and go on a long and difficult journey. On our way, during the month, we met a huge number of wonderful people who extended a helping hand and supported. Now my family is in Poland, we were temporarily sheltered in a theological seminary. We are loved and taken care of. But there were great difficulties in finding work, because the country is overflowing with refugees. There are four of us: father Vitaly, 47 years old, sociable and smart, mother Tanya, 38, disciplined and kind, Kostya (son) 16 years old — loves math and puzzles, Sonya (daughter) 15 years old — loves animals and cooking. We will be glad to make our new family happy with our presence. Thank you all in advance, hugs to all, peace to all💛💙

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