3 взрослые девушек и маленькая собачка

Кентербери, Кент, Англия, Великобритания
3 взрослые девушек и маленькая собачка

3 adult girls (24, 25, 46 years old) and a little dog Yorkshire Terrier are looking for a sponsor who could take over. We are from Kharkiv, Ukraine. My name is Olya and I’m 46, I had to leave my city, but my husband stayed at home. Last year I worked on the Thanet farm in Kent County, and I hope I can work there again when I arrive. My daughter and her friend are with me, they are just as hardworking and could work with me or help around the house. Michelle’s little dog is Yorkshire Terrier (mini – 2kg), part of my heart, she is well-mannered enough and will not cause much trouble. Please help 🙏❤

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