Молодой человек 20 лет ищет спонсора на юге

Cranbrook, Kent, England, United Kingdom
Молодой человек 20 лет ищет спонсора на юге

Good afternoon.
I’m left Ukraine, from the occupied city of Melitopol. I am 20 years old.
Now I am in the Czech Republic, and I would like to get to England in the near future. I have a girlfriend in England and I want to take my parents there, so far they have not been able to leave.
My parents sent me away, but they stayed there because my grandmother is bedridden and they can’t leave her. So I hope that they would go with me soon.
I will be grateful for help.
Peaceful sky to you!
You can text me on What’s App
+42 773 717 765

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