2 women and 2 cats

Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen
2 women and 2 cats

My name is Iryna . I am 28 years old.
I am married.
This war changed the lives of many people.
My dearest person is my husband Andriy, he enrolled into the Armed Forces of Ukraine and went to defend our Ukraine.
He is now in the East of Ukraine, Kharkiv city.
Arrived on June 2, looking for shelter. 2 women and 2 cats We would be greatful to find a 2 bedroom place, or what would be available to us, if possible.A little about myself.
By nature I am calm, I easily learn new things. I have no bad habits.
My first job was in a supermarket, then I went to work in a warehouse. Abroad (Czech Republic), I worked at a Renocar factory producing parts for Volvo and BMW cars.
My last job was at Medicover as a medical registrar. In this position, I became very organized, stress-resistant and responsible.
I speak Ukrainian well, I understand Russian, I love Spanish. Now it remains to learn English.

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