2 open-minded adults search a help

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2 open-minded adults search a help 2 open-minded adults search a help

Hello to everyone! My name is Volodymyr
I’m an alpinist and tourism instructor from Ukraine.
I’m have specialise on historical tourism by bicycles and help our district museum with their work like volunteer.
In time of COVID-19 pandemic I’m employed like as truck driver because in that hard time transport continue work well.
In some time passed has offer to be a transport dispatcher in the same company and teach our new drivers to work well and do good quality service for our clients.

In last time, when war came I’m be a volunteer for help refugees ppl from Volnovakha and Mariupol cities, also be an administrator of our local chat, where citizens could share important or useful information, also write an instructions what must include to evacuation backpack, how people must prepare their basement to be in more safety and comfortably as it could be in basement if they decide not evacuate anywhere, and write recommendations how take care about psychological health in this hard and stressful situation, and panic attacks.

Now 60% of our village is destroyed and dangerous for living because war line in 2 miles

And now I search any help for me and my mother

Thank for everyone who read this text for your wishes to help us in this hard time.
Kind regards and best wishes, Volodymyr

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