2 moms and 3 kids want to live a peaceful life in the east of the UK

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2 moms and 3 kids want to live a peaceful life in the east of the UK

Hello. Thank you for helping Ukrainians 💛💙
Two families: a mother with a 7y old boy and a mother with 2 children (a 9y old boy and a 7y old girl) fled the war in Ukraine. We ran away from air raids in Kyiv and Kharkiv, from cities being bombarded and destroyed. The fathers stayed in Ukraine to fight.

Ideally, all 5 of us want to live together in the same house, or two separate houses close to each other.

The first mother, Tatyana, 38 years old, lived in Kharkiv and taught at the Department of Food Technology of one of the local Universities, and also worked as a sales manager in a seafood trading company. I am fond of gardening, can cook delicious dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. My English is not that good, but I strive to learn and know it better and better. My son, Matvei, 9 years old, likes football and my daughter, Masha, 7 years old, is good at modern dances and loves animals very much

The second mother, Julia, 36 years old, lived in Kyiv. I graduated from the University of Economics, worked for myself and was engaged in the sale of goods for children. I have Intermediate level of English and want to improve it. My son, Denis, 7 years old, is a first grader. We have a small well-mannered dog names Casey.

Right now we are in Slovakia and we’d like to come to the UK, find some home, school for children and happy peaceful life for our children.

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