2 kids and 2 cats accompanied by their mom are looking for accommodation in in Dartford Borrow (Kent)

Kent, England, United Kingdom
2 kids and 2 cats accompanied by their mom are looking for accommodation in in Dartford Borrow (Kent)

Hello to everyone!
First of all I’d like to say how all the Ukrainians appreciate all the support they receive all over the world and in the UK in particular. Actually we feel that “stand with Ukraine” is not just a formal slogan. Thank you for your open hearts and huge empathy!
So.. we are a family from Ukraine, Kyiv, – Anna (I’m 40), and my two beloved kids – daughter Margo (10 years old) and son Kostya (7 years old). We have two cats with us – Shura (2,5 years) and Fanya (1,5 years), both sterilised, microchipped and vaccinated.
We were among those who heard the first sounds of the war in the early morning on Feb 24. The next day after the shell got in the civil building in our area at 4:00 am, we took our kids and cats and got downstairs to the shelter. That was the last time I saw my home. After some time spent in Kyiv suburbs we decided to move further. It was a hard decision, but we left our home country with my children and pets. Now we are in Berlin, Germany, in a temporary accommodation. We arrived here by our car.
Recently after 2 month of waiting we’ve already got the entry permission for our family and been planning our arrival for the next Monday. We’ve already planned our trip by a ferry. Our sponsors-to-be live in Dartford Borrow. But at the last minute they have changed their mind about accepting refugees. So now we’re looking for another sponsor in the same area. As far as I got our BRPs are to arrive to the Dartford post office. One of the local schools has already agreed to accept the children.
Ideally, we’d like to find someone closer Swanley, as I have a friend in that area who can assist me with National Insurance Number receiving, NHS registrations, etc. at least I could have someone I know nearby.
I’m fluent in English.
Having a master’s degree in Finance with 12 years of experience in the industry, I believe I might find a job. Anyway I believe I can find job not just in Finance. I am fond of figures and data systematization.
Besides that I’ve been a playing theatre actress with 4 years of exprience. Theatre is my source of inspiration, great emotions, self-knowledge and just feeling good. I love reading in every language I know – Ukrainian, English, Russian and Czech.
Kids are very smart and artistic. Margo (that is the short name for Marharyta) has been attending theatre studio for 6 years and Music School for 1 year (class of drums). She likes playing football, drawing, storytelling and reading. She understands and speaks English quite well. And she is a fan of Harry Potter and all the Magic.
Kostya is 7 years old. He is very patriotic, active, сurious and invetive. He likes swimming, dealing with different mechanisms, constracting buildings of blocks and doing parkour on the playgrounds.
We like to spend evening playing different board games! We have so many of them at home!
And our cats – both young females, well-behaved and quite calm. Fanya was found in the street 1,5 years ago and she still seem to be afraid of everything. Shura is a year older – we took her from Shelter. She is very curious and friendly and sometimes she behaves like a dog – playing with a toy or licking me on the nose. As we have been moving all the time for the last 4 month they have had experience of living with other pets – cats and even dogs.
I know it isn’t easy to find the appropriate accomodation now for all of us – we have kids and cats. But anyway I believe we can do that with your help.
Thank you in advance!

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