2 girls wanting to live near London

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

Hello, we are two friends from Ukraine, now we live in Kyiv, my name is Nastya, I am 23, my friend’s name is Lena, she is 24 years old. Because of the war, we cannot feel safe and work properly. Our parents are forced to stay at their jobs and we can’t take them with us
The events in our country forced us to reconsider our lives, our values ​​and everything that happened before this hell.
We really want to move to another country to help our family and our military financially. So we hope for your help with finding a job. We are ready for any job, ready to help people who agree to take us into their home. We are open to new acquaintances and we will treat all your rules and requirements with understanding.
We are sincerely grateful to everyone who will respond to our request and help us

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