2 friends are looking for shelter

United Kingdom
2 friends are looking for shelter

Greetings, everyone. My name is Nataliia, I’m 25, and my friend’s name’s Anna, she’s 26. We’re from Odessa. Currently I’m working in a mobile games developing company as a tester. Anna is fascinated by handmade jewelry, it’s part of her work as an internet shop manager.

We would like to find hosts near big cities (Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, London) so that it’s easier to find a job and get there by city transport.

We are fully aware that we are going to a foreign country with its own rules and traditions, and we will do our best not to bother you or cause any trouble. We are ready to help you around the house if necessary. I speak English quite fluently, Anna’s English is a bit worse, but we’re practicing to fix that.

We are open-hearted, responsible, and respectful and would be extremely grateful for your help.

With hope and respect,
Nataliia and Anna.

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