2 adults from Kyiv in search of a sponsor

Southampton, Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Hello, dear participants of ” Homes for Ukraine” program. My mom, Natalia, 74, her dog Busia, 10, and myself, Lesia, 50, are in search of potential sponsors in order to find a temporary shelter in the UK. We are from the capital city, Kyiv and live in, probably, the most unsafe part of the city. In short, for the last month we’ve seen things that we would have never even imagined before. My mom teaches English grammar at one of Kyiv colleges. She’s still doing a couple of online lessons per week. She’s been to England twice .I’m self-employed, a teacher of English and a tour-guide but I lost my job due to the war. I speak English fluently so communication won’t be a problem. If we find a sponsor I plan to look for a job immediately and start providing for myself and my mom. I’m friendly, with a positive outlook on life, well-traveled, been to around 22 countries, including the US, vegetarian, yogi. We would love to find a host located in a city/town where there are some jobs available. Thank you for giving us a chance for TOMORROW. 🇺🇦🇬🇧

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