2 adults and one child 14 years old looking for an accommodation with a school nearby

Stanford, Kent, England, United Kingdom
2 adults and one child 14 years old looking for an accommodation with a school nearby 2 adults and one child 14 years old looking for an accommodation with a school nearby

My name is Vasya, 14 years old, I live with my mother Elena and godmother Natalia in a private house at the village Lutezh, not far from Kyiv.
On the 24th of February when Russian invasion began we woke up from the sounds of explosions and the roar of helicopers. These helicopters were directed to Bucha and Gostomel cities and flying so low above our house that we could look at the pilots face. Our village Lutezh is situated not far from Bucha, Gostomel and Irpen cities which were occupied later by the russian troops. Good luck for us, they couldnt get to our village because Ukrainian armed forces  blowed up the dam and the bridge over Irpin river to stop an advance of  65 km long column of russian military vehicles.
But near our house the anti-air-craft guns were situated, which were firing the dam and had not let the russian troops cross over the Irpin River. For a week we couldn’t go out from our village because of firing from both sides.
On the 3rd of March we managed to get out to another part of Kyiv to our friends house. But that day
the bombardment of the south part of Kyiv started, so we decided to reach the nearest gas station to fill our car. We realized that we should go out of Kyiv as far as possible. Only after 150 km distance we have managed to fill up fuel tank of our car to the full amount. Western Ukraine seemed the most safe place and we went to Chernivtsi city where we have found a shelter at the Banchen monastery guest house. It was a hard and long way to get there, we drove through the fields due to traffic jam. At the monastery we stayed for 2,5 months and when Kyiv region was de-occupied we returned home, our sweet home. We hoped that Vasya could continue his studies in autumn at his IT school, but on the 28 th of July there was a missile attack and 5 missiles exploded at 200 m distance from our house and one missile was hit by our Ukrainian missile defence system. Every day we hear the air raid sirens sounds and sitting at the our cellar at the basement, Vasya often even sleeps in the cellar. It is understandable that teaching this year in Ukraine will be only online which is not effective for the pupils. Feelings of anxiety and stress have become a part of our daily life, every day we afraid that explosions may happen again. After 3 months of such way of life we can’t feel safe and that’s why we want to ask for your kind help. Vasya needs to continue his education and to communicate with children, we need to live in a house under a peaceful sky. And we will be very grateful to you for your support if you could provide us with accommodation in England, in triple rooms if possible. After the end of the war we will be glad to invite you and your family to stay as a guest in our house with a beautiful garden on the coast of Kyiv sea. Kind regards, Vasya, Elena and Natalia

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