2 adults and one (4 year old )child want to live in a city

preferably near a or inside a city
2 adults and one (4 year old )child want to live in a city

My name is Eric ,we are a family from Ukraine(I am 40, my wife is 34 and my son is 4 years old). I am an English teacher and my last job was clinic coordinator. My wife worked as a financial manager and our son used to go to kindergarten, sports and music classes.
We lived in Kyiv, unfortunately, our apartment and our neighborhood were already damaged due to rocket attacks last week. . We are looking for long term accommodation as in Ukraine we lost our jobs,properties and our belongings. We can not buy everything we need and restore our previous pre-war life, we also cannot stop the war ourselves.
My wife and I both speak English, we are open-minded and positive people.I have 3 university degrees,I am open to accepting low paying jobs and I can teach history,politics and geography in English or work as a translator(Russian-English).
Thank you and have a wonderful day

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