2 adults and 2 children (boy is 10 years, girl is 7 years) wanting to find sponsors in a not big town or in a village of a town type.

Centre of England, Fillongley Rd, Coventry, England CV7 7LN, United Kingdom

My congratulations to everyone 👋🏻. We are looking for sponsor in GB 🇬🇧( with a program “Home for Ukraine”).
We are family of 4 (two 36-year-old adults and two children: a 10-year-old boy and a 7-year-old girl). We haven’t been able to find any suggestions for our family in the last two weeks😔.
We understand that it is very difficult for a large family to find a sponsor. We don’t need three rooms. Out little girl sleeps with us in the same room because she is afraid to be alone at night.
We really hope to find a sponsor who will be our best friend not only for 6 months, but also in the future!
I speak English enough for conversation. Children are actively learning English. They are very fond of small children. Therefore, if your family has a baby, we will be very happy with this fact.
Our family tries to spend the weekend with children in parks, on a barbecue.
Maybe you know the family that doesn’t use internet, but would gladly accept us. With best regards ❤️❤️❤️

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