2 adults (28 and 31 years old) and 1 child ( 6 years old)

Birmingham, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom
2 adults (28 and 31 years old) and 1 child ( 6 years old)

Good day to everybody.
We are the family from Ukraine.
I am Nataliia (28 y.o), unmarried, lived in Kyiv. Before the war I worked as a CRM manager in a brokerage company. I’ fond of hiking, riding bicycle, yoga. I don’t like sitting in one place. I traveled often before the war.
My sister Mariia (31 y.o) lives in Kyiv region with her daughter. She works as a civil servant (She deals with personnel issues). She adores cooking, sewing and she also likes traveling.
Her daughter Nadiia (6 y.o) is very friendly. She loves animals. She is a very active and openhearted.
We are looking for people in UK who can help us to get an accomodation in a safe country and to give to a child the opportunity to get an education. We will look for a job as soon as possible. We will be very grateful if you can help us. We will respect your rules, we will help you around the house if you need it.

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