2 adult and 3 children needs accommodation and is looking for a sponsor in England.

South and Center of England, close to major city
2 adult and 3 children needs accommodation and is looking for a sponsor in England.

Hi, I’m Vlad, and I have very friendly large family of 5 people from the Donetsk, Ukraine.
We are very grateful to your country for such great hearts!
We lost our Home, peace, family, friends and work because of the war since 2014 and aggression repeated in February 24. We lived in many places, starting our life again and again. But now there are no safer place in our country. Children need to continue to study and live at a peace place.

My family:
Andrew, daddy, 49 years old – was working logistics manager of industrial enterprises; he is pedant and likes order; also, he is matey and likes to travel by driving a car.
Tatyana, mommy, 43 years old – was working in real estate, construction and land issues; also, she has own business – a coffee house. She is very active woman, likes to work hard, also she is good housewife; is communicative, has a lot of friends and easily find new; is crazy about photography, shopping and travelling, driving a car etc.
Vladislav, me, 17 years old – I’m a first-year student of programming at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute; I am crazy about playing computer and board games, watching (and playing) football and other activities (cycling, sport etc.); also, I like cooking, make housework and talk with friends (so I believe to find new); have a B1 level and I hope to find a job; I have a girlfriend that also looking for a better live UK (she lives in Donetsk now).
My sister, Polina, 9 years old- finished 3rd grade at school and also graduated from the second class at the music school in piano; she is a dancer in a folk-dance ensemble, where won first place. She like active outdoor games, pool, cycles, rollers etc. She is very charismatic, artistic, very lovely and friendly, communicative, has many friends and like to find a new; she loves adventure, new places and the sea!
Yaroslav, my little brother, 4 years old – very active boy, he has huge blue eyes, wonderful smile, strong physically developed body, likes sport activities, cycling, fun and activities! He is very sunny child, charming boy, everybody adores him, like me!

We need a kind sponsor, who will provide for us flat or house. because our family is big we need of a large accommodation with 3 separate bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. A great need is the presence of a school and a kindergarten. we can speak basic English.

We are very grateful to your country and we hope that the war will end and we will be able to return home.

With regards,
Kovyniev`s Family

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