2 adult 4 children

Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
2 adult 4 children 2 adult 4 children

Hello everyone, my name is Mykhailo, I am from Ukraine. I think you are aware of what is happening in Ukraine right now, so I will not explain the situation. I have a wife and 4 children, David 8 years old-Mark 6 years old-Anna 4 years old- Maks 1 year And it so happened that we were forced to leave the country, we are currently in Poland, but I fell in love with Scarborough and I want to come back because I lived there for 5 months. now Great Britain allows Ukrainians to leave without a visa, but with a sponsor. Therefore, if someone has the opportunity to sponsor and shelter my family for a while, I will be very grateful. I will attach links to information for sponsors. Thank you again


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