2 взрослых и 3 детей хотят жить в городской местности Англии

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom
2 взрослых и 3 детей хотят жить в городской местности Англии

Our family would like to live in any major city in England or in the suburbs of a major city. Our children need to attend school, kindergarten, circles. My husband and I work as photographers, so we need a large city where our profession is in demand, where there are photo studios. For these reasons, we would not like to live in the provinces. Housing is needed for a family of 5, so that three children have their own bed.

I, Olya, and my husband Dima have been working as photographers for over 10 years. We have been owners of a photo studio in our city for 6 years. We also make graduation photo albums for schoolchildren and kindergartens. Our children are engaged in hip-hop dancing, go to championships and take first place. The eldest daughter and middle daughter attend art school. The eldest daughter is a swimmer. My husband and I also love working out at the gym. I am a computer designer and I also do photography in parallel. I also have a blog on Instagram with an audience of 11 thousand, where I show backstages from photo shoots and the life of our family.

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