Mother and 2 children (6, 16 years, boys)

Greater London, England, United Kingdom
Mother and 2 children (6, 16 years, boys) Mother and 2 children (6, 16 years, boys) Mother and 2 children (6, 16 years, boys)

My name is Julia I am 38 years old. I have two children, 6 and 16 years old. boys. We live in Odessa, we are looking for a sponsor in England, in the town or small town in central or southern England. Staying at home is very dangerous. I hope for the time of my stay in England, to find a job and enroll the children in school. The younger son is very sociable and sociable, the eldest son is fond of sports. He writes songs and plays the guitar, knows English better than me. I worked as an accountant. In peacetime, I loved to travel and meet new people. English level – basic. I hope that the war ends soon and we can return home. Now I am very afraid for the life of my children. I would like to have a school nearby and the opportunity to find a job. Preferably independent housing, so that my children do not bother you. Hope someone can help. Thanks

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